Thursday, May 6, 2010

Best Player in the NBA

KOBE BRYANT is the best player in the League right now. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. His stats are posted here if you would like to see them for yourselves. This video of him shows his talent and how he is willing to do anything to make people happy. Kobe is now the highest paid player in the NBA. He has been in the league for 13 years and was drafted in 1996. If he keeps going at his rate, he will continue to be the best player in the league.

Lil Wayne's Ex-Wife

Many people know this woman because of the famously know Lil Wayne, but now they are about to see the true independent Antonia Toya Carter. Toya is originally from New Orleans as well as lil Wayne. They were together every since teenage years and has both of their first child, Reginae. Toya has a pajama clothing line coming out and she is also now working on a new book titled Life Before and After Wayne. I am looking forward to this book and the new Toya.

Secret Marriage Lives

Why is the award winning, beautiful Beyonce and the intelligent award winning Jay-Z so secretive about their wedding and their relationship? It is said to be many reasons. Reason one is said to be because they want their marriage and relationship to last, and by letting everyone in their personal business would just ruin everything that they have. Another reason they are so secretive is because they are said to be Blood Sacrifices, which means to sacrifice something or someone for more fame or money. To learn more about that click here. Beyonce and Jay-z are very beautiful together but the fans want to know from their perspective, why are they secretive?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Athletics at USM

The Atheletic Center of USM have many different exercise items, which are great for each individual athlete that workout here everyday. The great Pauline Love is a member of the Lady Eagles basketball team and has been such a success on behalf of this Atheletic Center. Many other atheletes worked out here and became better for higher leagues. The University of Southern Miss atheletes are getting better and better every day.

USM Fine Arts

The University of Southern Miss has many activities for campus life involvement. Greeklife and atheletics are two of the main things that are recognized on the Hattiesburg campus. One thing that is recognized but certainly not recognized enough is the Fine Arts. The Fine Arts at USM are mainly held in the Theatre and Dance building. The students, as well as the falculty construct very interesting and unique pieces that have endured for years.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Southern Miss Centennial

The Completed Construction of 2010 is a great look for The University of Southern Miss. It is also a better welcome for those who are visitors to the Hattiesburg campus. This new creation brings enlightenment to the University of Southern Miss.